We’re Adopting!

For some of our friends and family, this will not come as a surprise. So many have given so willingly of their time and talents and support and prayers, we are already so grateful for so much support from our church, small group, pastors, families, and friends. We’re coming up on the end of the homestudy process, and I want to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who wrote references for us, who has prayed every step of the way to date, who has taken pictures for our Adoption Profile (bless you and your talents Jessy!), and who has met news of our adoption plan with nothing but excitement.

Our dream of adopting our children started before we were even married, 10 years ago. We were 2 young kids in college, not sure where God was going to take us. We weren’t even sure a family beyond the 2 of us was something that would happen.

But God had placed adoption on our hearts, even as just a couple who was dating. It seems strange, to realize we knew we wanted to adopt before we really knew we wanted to be a family. But seeing God’s vision for our future family took time.

In many ways, having our son Bash is what has prepared us the most for adopting. We couldn’t truly understand the complete love and sacrifice having a child is until we had Bash.

Adoption has been close to our hearts since the beginning of us. God has since blessed us with one biological child, and he’s been readying our hearts for the blessing of expanding our family through adoption for 10 years.

Since I know many of you have questions, I thought the easiest way to answer the most common ones would be with a FAQ section. You can also click on the URL below for the same info.


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