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Getting Started with VIPKID

Once you’ve decided you want to work at home with VIPKID, the next step, if you’re like me, is to research the process. What all does applying and getting hired by VIPKID entail? How much of a commitment is this going to take? Is there a hidden cost or catch that will disqualify me or make me wish I’d been more cautious? If this is you, then look no further.

If you are still trying to decide if VIPKID is for you, then check out my previous post. I go over what my experience was like getting into VIPKID, and what I wish I had known (or was glad I DID know!) before getting started.

Teaching with VIPKID comes with a lot of perks. It’s really flexible (no minimum or maximum hours to work!); it’s good money (depending on the base rate they hire you at, how much you teach, etc., you can make up to 22$/hr without much trouble); it’s the fun parts of classroom teaching without the grading and lesson planning and paperwork; and you don’t have to make an invest of any kind upfront!

Of course, none of the perks will come if you don’t follow through, apply, and get hired.

Disclosure statement: This post uses some affiliate links and referral links. They may pay us a commission if you buy something using one of our links, or if you become a VIPKID teacher after using my referral code link.

Step 1–Follow my referral link & fill in basic application

If you’ve read my previous post, then you know why using my referral link (or another mentor’s referral link) is important. Going through this hiring process is so much easier if you have a mentor to answer questions, walk you through things, and offer advice.

You can watch all the youtube videos and read all the training information in the world, but having a mentor will help more than anything else. And, if you choose me as your mentor, you’ll get coaching through the hiring process and into your time teaching for FREE.

The first thing it will prompt you to do is create an account and fill in your basic information. This is where you fill in your teaching experience. This stumps a lot of people because they think they don’t have any teaching experience, when, in fact, they probably do!

Ever train a new employee at your company? Teach Sunday School? Tutor someone? Fill in as a substitute teacher? Then that counts! It doesn’t have to be experience as a classroom teacher.

If you need help figuring out how to fit your experiences in as the teaching experience requirement, contact me! I can definitely help you figure out what that experience might be, and how you should fill in that section.

Step 2–Complete your Interview

Once you pass the basic information stage, they’ll send you an email saying you were accepted and that the next step is to pass an interview and demo lesson. These days, they have a lot of different ways of accomplishing this step.

Method 1: Live interview

You can book a live video interview with one of VIPKID’s coaches. You prepare for it using the materials that they have given you and show up to impress at your interview appointment time.

Method 2: Recorded interview

Showcase your online teaching by submitting your recorded demo lesson using the materials provided. You do a self-intro before you start your short demo lesson. ​And you can get a second chance (if needed) with free feedback from the mentor reviewing your demo.

Method 3: Attend a FastPass Coaching day

These are events hosted by VIPKID in cities all over the US. They provide opportunities to learn more about the company and coaches to help you practice online ESL teaching techniques. They’ll count this as your interview and demo, plus prepare you for your mock lesson in the next phase!

It’s a good chunk of time, but you get the interview process over with, get to bond with other teachers, really get a sense of what the company is like, and totally prepare yourself for the mock lesson.

Look here to find one in your area.

Method 4: Interview Express

This is the route I took (none of the Fastpass coaching days in my area worked for me, or I would have done that with my mentor Blanche). Because I had classroom teaching experience and an advanced degree, they offered me the chance to do their “interview express” option.

With this option, you take a short online quiz and do a very short video introducing yourself and teaching a sample slide. If you elect for me to be your mentor, I’ll even send you the video I did (although it is a little embarrassing to look back on). It took me about 15 minutes to do the whole thing and email it to the correct department.

They send you an email with step-by-step instructions for this option, but sometimes their instructions can be a little ambiguous. So, particularly since I went through this route to be hired, if you have questions, ask me!

Step 3–Teach your Mock Class

Once you’ve passed your interview, demo, and basic info, the last hurdle is your Mock lesson. This is where you show them that you can handle teaching a complete, 25-minute lesson!

VIPKID’s curriculum is divided into levels. Level 1 (or “Pre-VIPKID”) is like preschool. It’s more about having fun and just exposing the kids to English for some time.

The first ‘real’ level is Level 2. Your true ESL beginners (that are older than 4) start here. These are the ones who might know ‘hello’ and that’s it. Then the levels just increase in difficulty from there, all the way to Level 7.

The gist is that, for your mock lesson, they’ll provide you with part of a lower-level lesson (a lesson from levels 2-3) & part of a higher levels lesson (levels 4-6) and ask you to teach each one to a VIPKID mentor who will be pretending to be a student.

You schedule a time for your Mock lesson, log into the classroom portal, and have a 25-minute slot with your mentor to show them what you’ve got.

From there, your mentor will take it. They’ll give you feedback during the lesson, and then some more at the end of the lesson. Listen to that feedback! It’s invaluable. You’ll get an email shortly after it that will let you know if you either need to do another Mock lesson or if you’ve already passed and are hired!

This is the most nerve-wracking part of getting hired with VIPKID, and this is where having a coach is the most useful. For those that I coach, I provide tips on how to ace that mock lesson that aren’t posted elsewhere! Contact me (or apply with my referral code) to sign up as one of my mentees, totally free to you!

Step 4–Sign Contract & Upload Documents

Once you’ve passed all the hiring phases, there’s some paperwork you need to fill out and sign. Obviously, the most important one of these is your contract. VIPKID hires teachers for 6 months at a time, and we’re Independent Contractors (so VIPKID doesn’t pay taxes for us).

When they send you your contract, you’ll get to see what your ‘base rate’ is that they’re offering you. They have a formula based off how well you performed in your interviews and mock lessons, how much teaching experience you have, and what your degrees are. This formula determines how much you’ll get paid for teaching without all their incentives and bonuses (and there are A LOT of incentives and bonuses).

You sign your contract and the other paperwork, send it back to them, and you’re golden!

Step 5–Optimize your Profile

As a matter of filling out your paperwork, VIPKID will also ask for a short video where you introduce yourself to parents of potential students. You’ll also need to write a short, easily translated bio to accompany your profile.

How well your profile is done has a lot to do with how much you’ll be booked (particularly early on, before you have statistics and feedback for parents to see). As your coach, I’ll be sending all kinds of tips and suggestions on how to make the most out of your profile and book a lot of classes (cha-ching!)!

Step 6–Teach your first class!

Congratulations! This is the fun part. This is where you actually start making money!

New teachers typically get a lot of trial students to start with (this actually works to your benefit!). As your coach, I’ll be giving you advice on the best way to manage your teaching schedule, how to combat nerves for your first few classes, ideas for teaching particular lessons, and anything else you have questions about!

I don’t turn you loose once you’re hired; I’m still there for any other help you need or want.

This is a general overview of the entire hiring process at VIPKID. All-in-all, it might take you about a week to be hired (depending on how long it takes for you to prepare, which interview option you go for, when you schedule things, etc.). For more detailed information on each stage, sign up for my VIPKID email list below. Or, contact me directly (emails and messaging on Facebook & Instagram are good, too!).

I give detailed advice through one-on-one coaching, tailored specifically to which step you are in. And this is totally FREE to you! What do you have to lose?

What appeals most to you about teaching for VIPKID? What’s holding you back from trying it out? Let me help!

Written by Becca


  • Abby

    I’d love to talk to you as I have over 20 years teaching experience from preschool to college, have my masters, have been nominated for Golden Apple Awards, have my endorsement in reading, co-authored a kindergarten textbook, have tutored and would love to get started!
    You seem to have the organization and ability to mentor down! I’d love to use you as a referral. How do I do this? Last night I did the two hour class.
    Thanks, Abby

    • jessandbeccablog

      That’s amazing! It’s super easy! If you’ve already created an account with VIPKID (as I’m suspecting you have if you’ve done their info session), then you should be able to email them with my referral code (REBEC0308) and they’ll add me as your referring teacher. Then you’ll be in my portal, and I can see your progress on my end. You do have to add me as your referring teacher BEFORE the mock class though. Can I email you? I’d love to get to know you better and help with any questions you’ve got!

      • Natalie Miller

        Hi. I recently passed the first part of the application process. May I still email your referral code to them and have you as a mentor? I’m hoping to do my express demo tonight.
        Thank you.

  • Becky Barwikowski


    I would love to use your referral code but I am already signed up. Is it still possible?
    Also, I have to teach my mock class tomorrow. Any tips?

    Thank you!

  • Heather Primus


    I would love to use your referral code and have you as a mentor. I have 2 years as a substitute teacher and I’m a BCaBA supervisor.

    I look forward to learning from you!



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