March’s Amazon & Target Favs

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It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Target & Amazon over here at Jess & Becca. I mean, you don’t give away a 50$ giftcard to Target if you aren’t a big fan. There’s just nothing like cruising the dollar section, iced latte in hand, and finding some adorable item you didn’t know your life was missing.

And Amazon is just every mom of littles’ bread and butter. Can you even Mom without Amazon?

PLUS, if you sign up for a Target Redcard, you get free shipping and 5% off EVERYTHING. So, it’s like Amazon Prime, but with a permanent discount.

1) Cozy layering Sweatshirt. This is Becca’s all-time favorite sweatshirt. If it were possible for woman and clothing to mate, this would be The One. She has it in gray and olive green. God bless Chicago for having cold springs, so that she gets to wear her sweatshirts a little while longer.

2) Shelving unit. It’s not pretty. It won’t make anyone’s farmhouse dreams come true. But dang it if these shelves didn’t make Costco a realistic method of grocery shopping for Becca. Hello, back-stock shelving space!

3) Toy Guitar. Becca loves that this isn’t a plastic, light-up guitar toy that’s more toy than guitar. Also, it won’t break the bank (it’s on SALE right now! Grab it for just 15$!). So when Bash stands on the neck and shoves blocks in the hole, it doesn’t break her heart. And he loves that he has a guitar just like Papa.

4) Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts. Coupled with some lavender, there’s nothing more soothing after a long day of pregnancy aches and pains.

5) Lavender Essential Oil. At 36 weeks’ pregnant, Jessy is all about baths. Throw in a little Epsom Salts & Lavender, and you have a winner. This particular brand is awesome because the quality is on point, but they aren’t over-priced. Get this 10ml bottle of therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil for $7.50!

6) Buffy Comforter. After cozying up in a lavender, epsom salt bath, this comforter is the next best thing to sleeping on a cloud. It’s hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and made 100% from recycled PET fill–which is a much more eco-friendly way to feel like you’re sleeping on down.

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