February’s Amazon & Target Favs!

Disclaimer: This post uses some affiliate links. They may pay us a commission if you buy something we’ve linked here (at no cost to you).

Well, we haven’t been able to get our favorite products to you weekly. That might have been a little ambitious. But who knows? If you guys are loving it, we’ll make these more frequent! For now, look for our favorite things to come to you monthly.

This month, we did a mix of things from both Target & Amazon that made our lives so much easier. AND, if you sign up for a Target Redcard, you get free shipping and 5% off EVERYTHING. So, it’s like Amazon Prime, but with a permanent discount.

1) Cube Shelf. We both LOVE this shelf & cube storage bins for holding our kids’ books, clothes, toys, and anything else we can think of.

2) Hydroflask Water Bottle. Being pregnant and moving is a lot of work, and makes you sooo thirsty. Jessy is never without her Hydroflask!

3) Collagen Peptides. Adding these to your coffee basically makes it a health drink, right?

4) Riding Toy. Bash has one of these (it’s all over our ‘Momming’ Highlight stories on Instagram!); and he adores it. It keeps him busy while he races all over the apartment!

5) Zarbee’s Cough Syrup. Bash came down with a nasty cold, and Becca always wants to try more natural remedies first before resorting to a drug like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. This was a God-send, and worked like a charm to help him sleep better at night!

6) Brown Linen Blackout Curtains. During that nasty Polar Vortex that hit Chicago, these made a huge difference in helping to keep our rooms’ temperature manageable. Plus, they look great with a more neutral, farmhouse style.

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