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DIY Sofa Rehab for less than 10$!

A couple of weeks ago, while Bash was gone to his grandparents, I decided it was time to take my saggy 5-year-old sofa and show it some love. Nothing too serious, no plastic surgery, just a little botox.

Several people said they’d like a little guide on what all I did to give her new life, so here it is! Enjoy!

This is my Before picture. She wasn’t too bad, but definitely was needing to be perked up.

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Step 1: Buy Materials

Before stepping foot in a store, the first thing I did was take a look at what kind of a filling my couch has to begin with. I have a cloth couch; the cushions on the back are attached. And they don’t seem to have an opening at first glance, but if you really dive in back there, there IS a zipper tucked away at the bottom of each cushion. Who knew?? Odds are, if your couch cushions are attached, then there will be SOME kind of opening on them tucked away. You just have to look hard enough for the zipper.

When I unzipped the cushions, it gave me an idea of what kind of filling I would need to look for at the store. My back cushions are stuffed with a simple poly-fil; the seat cushions are filled with a large piece of foam covered with cotton batting. My seat cushions weren’t in as bad a shape as my back cushions, so I decided to simply leave them be. Especially because, at the store, I discovered those pieces of foam are NOT cheap (they were like 20$ a piece!). Restuffing them would be a job for a later date.

At the store, I just bought three 12 oz bags of polyfill (the bag was labeled as “stuffed animal/pillow poly-fil”, as opposed to quilting poly-fil I guess) because I wasn’t sure how much I would need to finish the job. I only ended up needing about 2 of those bags. And that’s it! Each bag was 3$, so I spent a grand total of 9$ on this whole project.

Step 2: Remove cushions & vacuum

Much of my life as a toddler parent seems to be consumed with vacuuming and sweeping up the detritus my kid leaves behind. So, I pulled out my Dyson (this is the model we have) and went to town vacuuming up all the crumbs that fell down under the seat cushions.

I went ahead and did my rug while I was at it, since I was there, the vacuum was there, and that’s where I’d laid my cushions to get them out of the way.

Step 3: Wash pillows

Guys, this is bad, but I don’t think I’ve EVER washed the pillows that came with our couch. They are simple zipper covers stuffed with poly-fil, like the back couch cushions.

I mean, we’ve spot-cleaned them galore. But never tossed them into the machine. It was time.

I could’ve taken the stuffing out first before putting them in the wash, but I thought I might try and reuse some of the poly-fil if I could. And I would want it to be clean.

Since we have small, apartment-sized machines, washing the pillows took several hours. A lot of that was drying time.

Step 4: Remove old stuffing

I ended up reusing a lot of my existing stuffing. I just pulled it all out, fluffed it up, eyeballed how good it still looked (compared to the brand new stuff I had waiting), and then stuffed it back in.

I tell you, it’s a heck of an arm workout when your cushions are attached and you’re trying to fit poly-fil into the top corners of the back cushions.

Step 5: Add polyfill

After reusing the existing poly-fil, I then added some of the new stuff. I had extra space left in the bottom of the cushion covers, and knew I wanted to make them denser than they’d begun (it’d keep me from needing to do this again soon).

I did the same to my newly-washed pillows. In retrospect, I made my pillows too fluffy. But that’s okay, I’ve adjusted to the extra fluffy pillows, and it’ll keep me from having to do this again any time in the near future.

And that’s it! Done-zo. It was an easy project for one afternoon, and it has made me love our couch all over again. How much nicer does this look?

Written by Becca

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