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    VIPKID: Writing 5-apple Feedback

    A little while ago, I did a series on our Instagram covering a few tips for leaving parent feedback after teaching VIPKID classes. So as to make them useful for you all, I combined them all here (and added a couple!). Now you can save them for later! If you follow along on Instagram and have already read the ones I previously posted, you can scroll down and skip to Tip #6. The beauty of teaching for VIPKID is that I got to leave the mountains of essays and grading behind. I haven’t touched my colored grading pens in over a year! The VIPKID version of grading is feedback. After…

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    Getting Started with VIPKID

    Once you’ve decided you want to work at home with VIPKID, the next step, if you’re like me, is to research the process. What all does applying and getting hired by VIPKID entail? How much of a commitment is this going to take? Is there a hidden cost or catch that will disqualify me or make me wish I’d been more cautious? If this is you, then look no further. If you are still trying to decide if VIPKID is for you, then check out my previous post. I go over what my experience was like getting into VIPKID, and what I wish I had known (or was glad I…

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    3 Things to Know Before Trying VIPKID

    After Bash was born, I began to search in earnest for a way to move my work from outside the home, to inside the home. Sound like something you’d like to know about? I did it by transitioning from teaching in a brick-and-mortar school to teaching online. And I teach online through the company VIPKID. There are basically 2 big requirements to teaching for VIPKID: have a Bachelor’s Degree and teaching experience. And before you balk at having teaching experience, this doesn’t mean classroom experience necessarily. Did you ever teach Sunday School? Homeschool? Train other employees? Tutor? There are SO MANY things that can be parlayed into the teaching experience requirement.…

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