Amazon & Target Favs–April Edition

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This month, we are loading up our Target runs & Amazon hauls with postpartum must-haves, newborn necessities, and of course, our toddlers’ favorites of-the-moment. All the things that make mom-life go ’round!

AND signing up for a Target Redcard gets you free shipping and 5% off EVERYTHING. So, it’s like Amazon Prime, but with a permanent discount. Gotta love that, right?

1) L. Organic Chlorine-Free Pads. Target carries this fantastic clean option to regular menstrual pads. Becca used these to make Jessy some padsicles in her post-partum carekit!

2) Organic Nipple Butter. Need we say more? So essential in those early breastfeeding days.

3) Nugget. Arwen turned 2 this month, and this was her birthday present!

4) Little Blue Truck’s Springtime. This book made both our toddlers’ Easter baskets this year! Bash in particular is obsessed with it; he asks for multiple readings every day.

5) Newborn footies. Jessy’s loving these footie jammies, so much that she bought three colors. It’s all Ember’s in now!

6) Snuggle Me Organic. We had a dock-a-tot with Ari last time, but we tried this out with Ember this time, and love it so much!

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