January’s Amazon Favs!

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In an effort to hopefully sprinkle some helpful tips into your life, we’ve decided to start a weekly tradition of listing out the things that really helped make this week easier. Who knows? It might help one of you guys, too!

This week has been a doozy. Between Becca moving and Jessy being down with a broken foot, there’ve been a few things that have just been life-savers this week. And, even better, you can get them all from Amazon! Check them out below!

1) Toy Storage Bins. 

This week, Becca put Bash’s toys on a rotation schedule. These bins were perfect for storing and separating out each week’s toys.

2) Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Set

The perfect size for Ari to play pretend cook.

3) KidKraft toy kitchen

Such a God-send for keeping Ari busy because Jessy couldn’t play with her this week!

4) Arnica

To avoid taking a lot of Tylenol while she’s pregnant, Jessy’s started taking Arnica instead. Read her Instagram post about it!

5) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 

While Becca was the one doing the Life in Jeneral challenge on Instagram, Jessy was reading up on organization!

6) Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Becca posted about these on our Instagram! They’ve been helpful for helping her eyes feel less tired.

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