About Us


As told by Becca

Y’all, this girl is pretty amazing. I’ve known her for 3 years now, and in that time she has:

  • Been the best nanny in town
  • Done the truly hard work of becoming healthier and lost nearly 130 pounds
  • Rocked a beautiful wedding to her favorite boy in the world (Tyler, you lucky man, you)
  • Stuck it out in school while pregnant with her first child
  • Birthed a stunning doll of a little girl, who will surely be my daughter-in-law one day (just go with it guys)
  • Became the ringleader and Worship Band Leader Extraordinaire for worship teams at multiple churches (shouldn’t the church websites use this title? Seems appropriate to me)
  • Started a photography empire

She’s from Chicagoland and quickly became one of my best friends just a few months after Kyle and I took the leap and moved from Arkansas to Chicagoland. In addition to wife, mom, nanny, worship leader, and photographer, she agreed to join me in my crazy and can now add Business Partner and Blogger to the list.

Jessy is in charge of our visual message amongst other things, and the majority of these lovely photos you see scattered throughout our blog are her handiwork at play. She’s the wisdom behind our photography tips and tricks; the shared experience behind our parenting stories & advice; and my fellow millennial pursuing a healthy life.

If you can’t get enough of these gorgeous photos you see around the blog, email her, Contact Us, or message us on Facebook/Instagram and have her take your photos. Believe me, she’s become the official Hoffman Family photographer for life; you want her to be yours, too.


As told by Jess

Becca and I pretty much became best friends immediately after meeting three years ago, and it’s easy to say that she is:

  • An awesome, hard-working, and organized teacher (both when she was in an actual classroom and now that she rocks it online)
  • The perfect wife for a super privileged guy named Kyle
  • A really wonderful mama to one insanely adorable little boy, Sebastian (who is totally marrying my Arwen someday, it’s inevitable)
  • A caring and intentional friend who’s always got your back
  • A rocking meal planner and budgeter
  • A Gilmore Girls addict who has seen the show literally countless times (and listened to podcasts that review the show while watching the show…again)
  • A proud Hufflepuff  

She’s originally from Arkansas and while I’m still not entirely sure why she and Kyle decided to live in the cold with me, I’m so glad she did because I now have no clue what I’d do without her.

Becca is in charge of basically all of our social media and blog content organization and scheduling (because, I have no shame in admitting, I absolutely suck in that area- one more reason we need each other); she’s the genius behind countless teaching tips and tricks; the shared experience behind our parenting stories & advice; and my fellow millennial pursuing a healthy life.

If you’re  interested in VIPKID like Becca, email her, Contact Us, or message her through any of our social media platforms to get more inside information and see if that’s something that could work for you!

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Jess & Becca